Hidden Bed

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The future of beds is here. The Sai Aakash Interiors(SAI) collection of folding wall beds, otherwise known as hidden wall beds, Invisible beds or Wardrobes / loft beds has something for every apartments - beds which transform into shelves, desks and provide a great night's sleep too. Plus, by folding your wall bed in the day it stops dust and dirt from gathering under your bed and makes cleaning so much easier and also in this Saved Space can be used for other purpose like Yoga / Indoor Games etc.

Take a look at Sai Aakash Interiors(SAI) , our range which are ideal hidden wall beds which fold away to save space in apartments in India. These space saving hidden beds offer shelves and desks by day and cleverly rotate to allow the bed to be used without disrupting either the shelves or desk! Sai Aakash Interiors(SAI) is compact and transforms effortlessly from bed to desk in the smallest of spaces.

Sai Aakash Interiors(SAI) wide range of hidden wall beds can be customised at no extra charge - there's no need to compromise on style. Our super compact space saving wall beds made in India, come in sizes like super Single, Double and Queen. To fit your own space we have cots that fold both horizontally as well as vertically so even a narrow room can fit a queen size bed.

We can also supply made to measure matching cabinets, cupboards, shelves attached with Wardrobes and Lofts and also Multi Purpose Table used for Ironing Board (with ironing stand) / Dinning / Study table all made in our factory in Chennai, Make in India, heading towards International Standard.

Invisible Bed