* Manual and factory made good quality materials that last for long years with durability high quality stylish finish.

* Life time warranty for kitchen accessories of S.S materials.

*Five years warranty for wood work.

* Service after sale.

* Best Price in Market.

* Transparent work within Budget.

*Completed Within Time Period.

*Experinced team that ensure good service workmanship.

*Good communication and work feedback with client.

* We have done more NRI clients worldwide. You can visit our website and fill enquiry form or else send us your flats layout, we will prepare quotation. Once work get started we will take care and handover the key to your concern persons. Payment you can pay even though neft transfer.

* Yes with Sai Aakash Interiors(SAI) its possible, after providing token advance of Rs.10000, we will show you 3d designed view of your modular kitchen.

* It is like asking a lawyer to charge fees only after your case is won. It is not possible because design is custom made, it takes our time and resources, and we stand no chance of covering our costs if not paid by the one to whom it was designed for. Though we value our time more than money, we don’t prefer to risk either of it. But we’ll make sure you are given enough opportunities to review our previous designs better before confirming the work.

* Our Time, Efforts, Ideas, Knowledge and Skills is what you mean by a Rough Sketch and we don’t share them for free. A good design is a well thought product and it only happens when we are assured of the acknowledgements.

* All materials used by Sai Aakash Interiors(SAI) are quality tested and SAI Aakash interiors takes the complete responsibility for the quality of the materials

*We provide 1 year replacement warranty for all hinges & channels used.

*5 year warranty for wood works(condition apply).

* We provide life time replacement warranty for anti-corrosiveness for all SS materials like kitchen accessories, SS pipes etc.

You will be regularly updated the progress of work through whatsapp / Email .

We would initially require the floor plan with dimensions or be able to take the measurements ourselves. We then give the clients an Initial floor plan and furniture drawings with an Estimatory Budget. Choice of materials and finishes can also be given. Based on the client’s inputs we change the material specification and finishes and in turn the cost.On approval of the drawings and quotation, our execution team will start the work. All the works executed would be handled by reliable supervisors.

Yes. We undertake all the works that are in our scope. We normally get the approval of the client regarding the costs involved. A separate bill is given for the Additional works done.

We give a Guarantee for a Period of 5 years and promise to rectify any fault arising out of faulty workmanship at our cost. However the guarantee does not hold good for mishandling and breakable items.

It depends upon the design, quality of the material, used and brands.

Simple. It’s a question whether to go branded or non-branded for your dream house. We get what we pay for. Pay the best and get the best, be it food, water or medical care. The same goesfor your home interiors. The designs, techniques and specialized tools used to achieve a particular design can never be imitated by an un-professional.